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Seal of quality in cardboard box production

It is often difficult for consumers to derive the right purchase decision from the flood of information on the Internet, as they are often unable to judge which information is factually correct. Important orientation is provided by seals which, in addition to being...

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Training at HvC – Field report of our trainee

"Why is training at HvC special?" Training at HvC is special for a number of reasons. On the one hand, the familiar and friendly atmosphere is a really good and pleasant point, as you very often encounter otherwise, especially in factories and large companies. Another...

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Great things at HvC

The latest technology weighs heavily. The last week was exhausting, but it was worth it. Our new printing press is finally ready to go. With a total of 10 trucks, the machine components, manufactured by the company Koenig & Bauer, delivered. We were able to count...

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Corona as an opportunity

Actually, as an expert in cardboard packaging, we are not relevant to the system. Nevertheless, we have found that we are irreplaceable for the professions that are really relevant at the moment. Quite the opposite, to other areas of the industry, our production...

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Health day a complete success

Cooperation between HvC & Physio CKI starts with a "KickOff Start of the first health day The "KickOff" of the first Health Day in the company's history, started with 40 highly motivated and good-humored employees of our company Hubert von Carnap. After a short...

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DIY folding box craft for Easter

Cute bunny folding boxes for small gift wrapping Easter is the time of little things. How about DIY folding boxes in Easter nest filled with small Easter gifts. With this sweet folding box for Easter your small gifts come out especially big. Candies and chocolate eggs...

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HvC cleans up

Spring cleaning At the beginning of the new year, employees met on free Saturdays to volunteer to rearrange certain areas in the company in order to optimize the previous order. Production processes were analyzed in advance and behavioral patterns noted. Together with...

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